Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Applecheeks Cloth Diapers

I have been cloth diapering for almost 2 years now. I have tried several different kinds of diapers and have liked almost all of them, but my favorite are Applecheeks diapers. They have been the most absorbent and trustworthy of my cloth diapers.

I really like all the colours that they have and the way that the inserts work in both sizes of diapers. The bamboo inserts of course are what I like to pair with my baby's lovely Applecheeks covers. We are able to stuff them for nights and naps and not have any leaks.

I love to match the colors to outfits even if my baby is a boy :)

I am really looking forward to the release of the new limited edition tomorrow and will be purchasing as soon as it is available.

I also have the Applecheeks size 2 storage sac in chocolate brown. When I first received it I didn't think it would work very well. It is now one of my top 2 wetbags that I have. It doesn't wick at all, it is easy to empty, and washes up to look new every time.

I also love Applecheeks flush-able liners. They are incredibly soft and do a great job of keeping the poop off the diapers. We have not been able to use them as flush-able because our sewer lines are terrible in our little town.

                                          Applecheeks the diaper for the "In Control" toddler:)

I would recommend Applecheeks to anyone looking to start out cloth diapering or for someone who wants to have diapers that are made in North America (Canada actually).

SodaStream FAIL

Tried to order the Cyber Monday deal that was posted on their Facebook page. When I checked out I got charged for shipping. I messaged them on Facebook and was told sorry to call customer service and they would help me.

When I called customer service I got some guy named "Sunny". He told me that I couldn't use the 2 promo codes and could only use one. I told him that the post on their Facebook said it was 50% off and free shipping. He said there was nothing he could do for me. I then asked to talk to a manager and Sunny decided that he could actually help me then. He said he had filled out the form and was sending it to the billing department and that they would help me and be in contact within 24 hours. Now today on Wednesday still no response and still no credit for the bad charges. Once again messaged them on Facebook and still got the same response. "sorry your experience wasn't what you had hoped for" and was told to once again call customer service.

I have now posted to their Facebook wall,  their twitter feed, posted on my twitter feed and emailed their corporate offices. Really disappointed and mad. This was intended as a gift and with this level of POOR customer service it makes me want to throw my sodastream in the trash.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fuzzibunz Cloth Diaper and Hanging Wet Bag Review

I recieved a brown Fuzzinbunz from Al l About Baby. I like the color.  It is the first sized diaper I have tried. It is a medium and I am already using it on my nearly 20lb 6 month old. It is extremely soft and one of my favorites to use cause we have no issues with it being to thick or having the front wings drop. It would also fit my 2 year old that is 28 lbs.

The only negative thing in my mind is the price but it is also a good diaper. So if you can afford to buy these I would suggest them. I wish I could afford to buy only sized diapers I would. The down side to that would be having to store more diapers when you were done.

Overall a very good experience. I also bought one of the hanging wet bags. Not overly impressed with the smell factor. I haven't had it wick at all and love the yellow color. I wish that it also zipped at the top to keep the smell in. I know it comes with a piece of fabric sewn in so you can put oils on it to make it smell better. I have not tried this but don't plan to either cause it is just extra cost in my mind.

In closing: Fuzzibunz is a great company and has great products.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Cloth by Tel Diapers

As in prior posts I mentioned I am new to cloth diapers. That being said I bought most of my diapers from Cloth by Tel. Her website is HERE I love all the colors and the prints that are offered. She also sells leg warmers and some other accessories.

When I received my package, the diapers were extremely soft and lovely colors.I ordered 27 diapers so I received the free shipping on my order. I ordered 5 red, 5 orange, 5 brown, 5 blue with stars, 5 camo, and 2 brown camo minky.

On the positive side, I really love the colors and prints as I said before. She has good customer service which is nice since I live in Nebraska and she is in Canada. The diapers do a good job of keeping the poop in. The only time we have had an issue is when my two year old took his own diaper off. I can use these for approximately 2-3 hours before they need changed. At night time I just double the insert and have not had an more of an issue than I have had with disposables.

Cons: would be I do wish they worked alittle better absorbency wise. I have other diapers that I prefer if I am going out of the house just for this reason. The second con would be the snaps. I love the idea of snaps but some of the snaps don't seem to hold well especially in the rise sizings. I do have a wing droop issue also. Which hasn't cause any problem just looks funny. Lastly, I don't believe these would fit really well before 15lbs even though they are suppose to go from 8lbs and up.

Overall, These are an excellent diaper. The price really can't be beat and once you learn their limits(the diapers) then there shouldn't be much of a problem. I would and I have recommended these diapers to friends and family. It is a affordable way to start cloth diapering and couldn't be much easier.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bumgenius Review

Just like in the last post, this is a diaper that I won. It is one of the brand new 4.0 One Size in Ribbit (springy green) color. I like the color. I also like that the snaps hold really well and that I have never had a leak and with the doubler it makes an excellent night time diaper.

That being said. I am not a huge fan of the washing issues I have had. I have a hard time getting it to smell clean when all the other diapers do. I also don't like how hard it is to get the insert in the right spot so that my little guy that is 5 months old doesn't have a "front Butt".

Overall  it is a very good diaper for what it is made for. Will I be buying more? Probably not. Even though it works great I just can't stand the issues that I have had with it. It is one of the last diapers that I use even though I love the color. I think it will work a little better once he gets bigger. So if my opinion changes I will give you an update.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Softbums Review

Recently I won a Softbums Echo in snow cone color. We have used it for approximately one week. It is a perfect fit on my 4 month old thanks to the slide 2 technology. It is easy to size up for my 2 year old also. We have used this diaper during the day and at night. It works great for both. My little guy sleep 9 hours overnight in it and the diaper kept everything inside. It is just an awesome system.. The color is the lightest blue like the blue in cotton candy and I think it would work great for a boy or a girl. The Velcro tabs are a dream. Couldn't ask for something closer to the ease of a disposable to a new cloth diapering mom. We absolutely love the snap in inserts and that it is not a pocket diaper. We have had several poops in the diaper and nothing has come out.

Overall an awesome diaper and would love to make my entire stash of cloth be Softbums.

Friday, February 25, 2011

All kinds of giveways

I have been lucky enough to win several giveaways here lately. I would really like to win some more and there is one going on right now on Sweet Lil' Bumbums on facebook

Hope I can win this one:)